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Creativity in Business

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02 SEP 2020

Creativity is an art of turning ideas that are imagined into reality. Entrepreneurs can employ creativity in solving problems because we are problem solvers. You can not talk about creativity without mentioning innovation. Innovation  Innovation is a process of improving an idea, i.e., making it better. Creativity is essential in business, and this leads me to our next point, "Importance of Creativity in Business."

Importance of Creativity in Business

Without Creativity in business, every business today will be following the same pattern and technique, which will be bringing the same result. Creativity in business can set your business apart from others, making consumers wanting to have your product or service over others.

Apple, for example, is a company that is synonymous with creativity asides from the fact that its brand personality is associated with class and sophistication. It is a brand that has encouraged others to "Think Different," and in turn, made that happen.
Just seeing the apple logo alone sparks some creativity. It is Creativity that helped Apple to top the Boston Consulting Group's list of "The Most Innovative Companies" for 11 years in a row, and grow a brand that speaks to more than just its technology, but design and innovation.

Creativity benefits surveyed by Forester show that the benefits of Creativity in business bring increased revenue and a more significant market share.

Creativity in business can set your business apart from others, making consumers wanting to have your product or service over others.

Process of Creating Ideas

In demonstrating Creativity in business, you will need first to identify the problem that your business wants to solve. Next, you begin to generate ideas. Following ideas, generation is the proper evaluation of ideas generation. Lastly, you implement (turning the ideas to profitable actions).
Ideas can be generated by reading, researching, attending seminars and business conferences, etc. Always remember to jot your ideas somewhere like a jotter or a virtual notebook if you are on the go, as it pops into your head.

How to Boost Creativity in business

1. Be Diverse: Do not be a lone ranger; employ people with varying skills to come together and envision great ideas to solve real human problems. If you cannot get a team, you can collaborate with other businesses like yours when looking for ways to bring your ideas to reality. I commend ONE Foundation for being diverse in solving real entrepreneurs’ problems geared towards growth.

2. Take a Break: Take time out to relax during the ideas generation process to foster creativity. Meditation can help especially when used consistently because it is connected with greater creativity.

3. Reduce Time Pressures: Reduce pressure in meeting deadlines geared towards ideas generation, to help people to be more relaxed in their thinking.

4. Embrace Failure: Creative people must feel safe to come up with new approaches and also to try them out, which means not punishing failure but rewarding it.

In Summary, Creativity is a skill that is essential in business as much as it is crucial in the workplace because it paves the way for growth. Do not worry when you feel that Creativity is not innate in you; the good news is that it can be learned. Do not be afraid to try out new ideas for your business. Remember, an idea is not a finished work until it has been carried out. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors at Creativity in your Business.


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