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Handling Customer's Complaints

ONE Community
09 SEP 2020

There's this saying "Customers are always right"; therefore, no matter how much they complain whenever they are not comfortable with the services you render to them, you'll have to stay calm and tell them you're sorry. Research had also proven to us that some clients go to the extreme in presenting their complaint by raining insults to the extent that we feel like reciprocating.

How then do we can customer complaints best handled?
The Community Answers...

»» 'I just calm down. Talk to them and beg them even when I know I'm not wrong.'
»» 'Its true customers are right, but then you also have to have a standard.'
»» 'I think there's a way you can gently talk to customers that after their complaints, they will know they've said a lot.'
»» 'I just believe that, in as much as I want to accord my customer the _"Kingship"_ privilege, that's not an avenue to trample all over me and act like I'm a clod of earth. We will have a dialogue and talk It out like reasonable human-being.'

We must not forget that our businesses exist just because of these clients of ours and so we must seek for ways of bringing them closer to us by giving them the best services they deserve and be apologetic when they complain too (Even when we are right)

As an entrepreneur who sells products or renders services to people, you're expected to deal with your customers with the wisdom within the confinement that "they are always right." We can't do without them but at the same time set standards for yourself so that they won't provoke us to say things we ought not to say. Their complaints are inevitable but can be reduced if we set acceptable standards!


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