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Quality or Quantity/ Customer Feedback

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23 NOV 2020

In the business world, we all know how important these concepts are in making a successful business. The quality of a product or service is synonymous with the physical value that has been placed on that good in terms of the raw materials used in production, its physical features, the benefits of that product to the consumer. If it is a durable good how long-lasting the good will be, and in terms of services these include prompt service delivery and quality service delivery and so many more.

The quality of a product in essence varies according to the industry and it can also be seen from various perspectives. For example the food industry we measure quality majorly in terms of its taste and freshness and even the packaging. In terms of the quantity, this also varies we have profit generation aspect, size of the customers, quantity of the product (this is peculiar to the food industry.

Questions about Customer Feedback?

And customer feedback is knowing how exactly your customer feels about your product or the service you are rendering. There has been a lot of funny posts on social media about what I ordered versus what I got, it shows that there is a problem somewhere and I began to ask certain questions.
1.  Why do people rush into businesses without acquiring the necessary skills needed in handling a business?
2. What do people think a business is all about?
3. Why do people find it hard to invest in themselves and in their area of specialization whether before they start the business or during the course of the business?
4. Why do businesses who provide quality products from the beginning suddenly start producing products that even a small child will know something has changed?
5. Why do a lot of businesses focus more on the profit-making part of the business rather than the solution they are providing to people as well as how their customers feel about their products.
6. Why do some business owners and their employees lack interpersonal relationships or even basic communication etiquette with their customers and how can it be improved.  

Main Issues & Possible Answers

Some of the tenable reasons may include the following

The quality of a product or service is synonymous with the physical value that has been placed on that good in terms of the raw materials used in production, its physical features, the benefits of that product to the consumer.

1. Many people start businesses for different reasons, very few start to address consumer needs and problems in society which is why they don’t see a need to upgrade their skills in business and their specialization as long as little money is coming in. 
2. Many business owners lack customer relationship skills, leadership and management skills, marketing skills, a good relationship with their employees as well as uniqueness and specialty of their products, which is why a lot of businesses don’t go far.
3. The issue of poor quality of products: nowadays a lot of businesses start with producing good quality products at the beginning but along the line all in a bid to increase profit and produce at a lower cost, they sacrifice quality.

The solutions to some of these identified issues may include the following.

1. Have a brand purpose as well as a solution you are giving to your customers.
2. Invest in yourself as well as your business, read books on business, leadership, management and also practice them, take online courses once you can afford them.
3. Develop strong interpersonal relationship with your customers
4. Learn to give your customers a smile, that might bring more first-timers to patronize your products and service.
5. Don’t be too proud to say no when you can’t do it. If you have a future for your brand, learn to say sorry, thank you, and respectful words to your customers.
6. Seek to create a beautiful experience for your customers (this will bring them back all the time).
7. And don’t ever compromise the quality of your good or service just so you can make a supernormal profit
8. monitor and actively follow up on your customers for their feedback, this will help your business grow and become better.
9. Actively seek to improve the quality of your products and service, at first, it might look like it is not paying you, in the long run, you will be thankful, let there be consistency in your brand purpose and promise.


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