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Who We Are

Oak Nation Entrepreneurial (ONE) Foundation is an organization focused on entrepreneurial development for micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs). 
Founded in May 2018 as Grassroots Business Hub (GBH) and later renamed to Oak Nation Entrepreneurial (ONE) Foundation, we provide knowledge, community, resources, and tools that are suited to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs in the MSME sector.

As of June 2020, we have reached out to over 350 entrepreneurs through our various programs, events, and courses.

What We Do

We provide appropriate knowledge, tools and resources for entrepreneurs through our bi-monthly business masterclasses, community peer learning and online courses tailored to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the ONE Academy.

We provide human resources that help the businesses grow in the form of reachable mentors who are readily available to handhold entrepreneurs through their business growth process through the #OneonOne Mentoring program.

Our online and offline events also provide our entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network among themselves and with resource persons from successful businesses. We also host a community where we facilitate collaborative sharing and learning.

We host various #Startup challenges were we provide information, small funds, or partnerships that offer funding opportunities for our community of MSME entrepreneurs.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to impact 1 million micro- and small businesses, helping them to gain business traction and to become sustainable enough to provide at tens of millions of jobs.


Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs succeed
in their attempts to create enterprises that contribute meaningfully to the socioeconomic development of their community. 

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